Rainforest Rangers at the Eden Project

There’s a tropical rainforest tucked away in a giant bubble in the south west of England. The Eden Project transformed an old china clay pit in Cornwall into a biological wonder, with huge domes enclosing the ‘world’s largest rainforest in captivity’ and a Mediterranean biome, surrounded by vast landscaped gardens. I can vouch for the rainforest experience, with the heat and humidity, lush vegetation (16,000 plants, 1100 species), and high canopy (reaching up to the top of the 50m high dome) almost perfectly recreating a tropical rainforest. The only thing missing being a legion of mosquitoes and ticks to drive you crazy.

The Eden Project is a hugely popular tourist attraction, but it is also a charity that runs a range of social and environmental projects locally and globally, undertakes research, and teaches hundreds of school children each year through their range of workshops. I was delighted to be contacted this week by a member of the Eden Project education team, as they wanted to use the research and field experiences from this blog in their ‘Rainforest Rangers‘ workshop for 7-11 year olds. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Ants and binoculars

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